what are satellite aerials

Satellite aerials are dish shaped parabolic antenna which receive signals from the communication satellites. Satellite aerials are used for TV signals. Satellite aerials are considered the best option for TV signals as it catches signals from a very large area.

The parabolic antenna consists of the reflector known as parabolic reflector. It is a curved antenna and it has a cross sectional parabola design. The high directivity is the main advantage of satellite aerials. Its working is the same as a flashlight works in the dark. A narrow beam which directs to the radio waves and receives signals.

Satellite and TV Aerials Fitted are mainly used for point to point communications. The reflector should be much larger than the wavelength of radio waves to receive good signals. They are also used in radio telescopes. The radar antennas also use satellite aerials for communication because they are mostly used in the areas where no other communication is possible. It can locate ships, aircrafts and other guided missiles through radar. The applications of satellite aerials are numerous. Households are also using satellite aerials for TV signals because it is highly efficient. Where no other TV aerials work, satellite aerial can work if installed properly.

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